Publication of the SLP balancing neutrality charge

Under the German “GaBi 2.0” balancing regime an SLP balancing neutrality charge is levied alongside other fees and charges if it is expected that the revenues generated from system and energy balancing activities will not be sufficient to recover the costs incurred. The charge must be borne by all balancing group managers supplying gas at SLP exit points.

For information about the single balancing neutrality charge applied until 30 September 2015 under the previous ruling “GABi Gas”, please click here.


Period SLP Balancing Neutrality Charge
01.10.2020-30.09.2021 0 EUR/MWh
01.10.2019-30.09.2020 0,10 EUR/MWh
01.10.2018-30.09.2019 1,20 EUR/MWh
01.10.2017-30.09.2018 0 EUR/MWh
01.10.2016-30.09.2017 0,8 EUR/MWh
01.04.2016-30.09.2016 0,8 EUR/MWh
01.10.2015-31.03.2016 0 EUR/MWh