Publication of SLP reconciliation prices

When reconciling the gas quantities delivered at non-daily metered exit points where daily gas flows are estimated based on standard load profiles (so-called “SLP” customers) different prices may apply, depending on the quantity reconciliation method used. The reconciliation prices are derived from the published positive and negative imbalance prices.

The price is a symmetrical price and as such applies equally to positive (Mehrmenge) and negative (Mindermenge) reconciliation quantities.

SLP reconciliation prices old quantity reconciliation methods

Time stampPrice
February 20161.9278 Cent/kWh
January 20162.0173 Cent/kWh
December 20152.0727 Cent/kWh
November 20152.1398 Cent/kWh
October 20152.1930 Cent/kWh
September 20152.2279 Cent/kWh
August 20152.2421 Cent/kWh
July 20152.2227 Cent/kWh
June 20152.1836 Cent/kWh
May 20152.1550 Cent/kWh
April 20152.1430 Cent/kWh
March 20152.1312 Cent/kWh

SLP reconciliation prices new quantity reconciliation method

MonthPrice in EUR/kWh
October 20210.022055 EUR/kWh
September 20210.019026 EUR/kWh
August 20210.016463 EUR/kWh
July 20210.014479 EUR/kWh
June 20210.012801 EUR/kWh
May 20210.011656 EUR/kWh
April 20210.010913 EUR/kWh
March 20210.010256 EUR/kWh
February 20210.009579 EUR/kWh
January 20210.009381 EUR/kWh
December 20200.009454 EUR/kWh
November 20200.009156 EUR/kWh

Note: You will find information on automated data retrievals in XLS format here.