Publication of the biogas neutrality charge


Following an amendment of section 20b of the German Gas Network Tariff Regulations (GasNEV) which took effect on 1 January 2014, the so-called biogas neutrality charge (Biogasumlage) must now be applied uniformly throughout Germany.

All other rules concerning the cost allocation and pass-through mechanism for biogas costs are set out in article 7 of the so-called Cooperation Agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung; the network code governing access to the German gas networks) and in the best practice guideline on biogas costs allocation and pass-through (“Leitfaden Kostenwälzung Biogas”).

Under this mechanism all costs incurred by network operators in connection with biogas-related third-party access arrangements are reported to the transmission system operators and then recovered from the shipper community. To ensure this, the costs are passed through the different tiers of the German gas supply system, starting with the transmission system operators who recover the costs by levying the biogas neutrality charge in accordance with the above-mentioned rules at the relevant exit points of their transmission systems.
The biogas neutrality charge must be paid on top of the general transportation tariffs, and applies at exit points where gas is offtaken by directly connected end users and at interconnection points flowing gas to downstream network operators. Exit points where gas is injected into storage, cross-border interconnection points and market area interconnection points are exempt from the charge.

For the calendar year 2019 the biogas neutrality charge is 0,66193 €/kWh/h/a.

For the calender year 2020 the biogas neutrality charge is 0,6350 €/kWh/h/a.

For an overview of the biogas neutrality charges applied to date, please see the document available for download on this page.