Balancing neutrality account


Under the previous “GABi Gas” ruling on gas balancing applicable until 30 September 2015 a uniform balancing neutrality charge (Regel- und Ausgleichsenergieumlage) was levied if it was expected that the revenues generated from system and energy balancing activities would not be sufficient to recover the costs incurred.
All revenue and expenditure items generated or incurred in connection with the financial settlement of positive and negative daily and hourly energy imbalances, quantity reconciliation processes, system balancing transactions and interest payments were recorded in a single balancing neutrality account. Each month, the account's balance at the end of the previous month was published.

The monthly balances of the balancing neutrality account were calculated from the sums of the above expenditure and revenue items as they were recognised in our accounts. Not all items that had to be recorded in the balancing neutrality account were finally settled by the time the monthly balances were published. This meant that the published balance of the balancing neutrality account could be subject to subsequent changes that were necessary to fully account for past periods.
Please note that from 1 October 2015 the cost and revenue items described above will be allocated according to causation between two new balancing neutrality accounts, the SLP balancing neutrality account and the RLM balancing neutrality account.


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