General information about the quantity reconciliation process


A positive or negative reconciliation quantity (Mehr-/Mindermenge) represents the difference between the actual consumption of energy at a meter point and the quantities allocated to that point for balancing purposes. At non-daily metered “SLP” exit points they arise due to the application of standard load profiles or default substitute values in the allocation process. For the purpose of the SLP reconciliation process network operators are required to submit monthly reconciliation quantity notices to NetConnect Germany.

The SLP reconciliation prices are made available in the “Transparency information” section of this website. The prices published there are final from the date M+10BD [delivery month + 10 business days], and network operators are required to apply them when preparing their reconciliation invoices.

With effect from 1 October 2014, an incentive mechanism incentivising network operators to fulfil their quantity reconciliation obligations vis-à-vis the market area manager has been introduced. For more information on this topic, please refer to the current version of the network code governing third-party access to the German gas networks, the so-called Cooperation Agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung) and the accompanying best practice guideline on gas balancing group management (“Leitfaden Marktprozesse Bilanzkreismanagement Gas”).


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