Development of trading activities in the exchange-traded gas market

The data published on this page show the volumes traded in the market area NetConnect Germany (global and quality specific orderbooks) as published monthly by the PEGAS.


T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 780
F + 49 (0) 2102 59796 59

Please Note

Given that not all trades result in a trade nomination being submitted, and that trade nominations are normally made on a net volume basis, the trading volumes published do not directly correspond to the trading volumes nominated at the VTP.

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Development Hourly

April 2016: 268964 MWh

Gas exchange trading

MonthDay-Ahead GWhWithin-Day GWhHour GWhFutures GWh
October 201921,252.674,207.91485.374,080.46
November 201921,366.534,735.98615.702,162.21
December 201920,628.314,405.77889.971,681.61
January 202023,009.593,475.091,002.133,035.53
February 202017,976.313,559.61920.952,800.86
March 202017,085.804,657.20853.597,569.29
April 202015,197.233,319.09545.723,064.72
May 202015,318.243,165.37722.282,940.01
June 202013,172.351,932.85375.243,491.15
July 202013,995.861,919.72314.722,167.76
August 202015,268.221,855.67187.952,552.07

Note: You will find information on automated data retrievals in XLS format here.