Development of trading activities in the brokered gas market

The data published on this page show the volumes traded on the Virtual Trading Point of NetConnect Germany as published monthly by the London Energy Brokers' Association (LEBA).


T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 780
F + 49 (0) 2102 59796 59

Please Note

Given that not all trades result in a trade nomination being submitted, and that trade nominations are normally made on a net volume basis, the trading volumes published do not directly correspond to the trading volumes nominated at the VTP.

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Brokered Gas Trading

MonthTraded Volume GWh
October 2020145,479.08
November 2020166,261.19
December 2020160,863.63
January 2021121,912.92
February 2021157,633.09
March 2021150,545.46
April 2021130,117.58
May 2021141,265.93
June 2021142,576.63
July 2021140,997.82
August 2021177,136.19

Note: You will find information on automated data retrievals in XLS format here.