General Information about the Virtual Trading Point operated by NetConnect Germany

With more than 330 and 180 market participants trading high calorific value gas and low calorific value gas, respectively, the NetConnect Germany Virtual Trading Point (VTP) today is one of the most attractive European trading hubs.

The high level of liquidity at the VTP is also evidenced by the evolution of the average churn rate.

Market participants who wish to trade on the NetConnect Germany VTP need to obtain a valid balancing group contract, which can be entered into on the NetConnect Germany Market Partner Portal following successful completion of the admission procedure.

At the VTP, balancing group managers can transfer gas quantities between balancing groups. To effect such a transfer, the balancing group managers who are party to a trade are required to submit trade nominations specifying the relevant balancing group numbers. 

For each transfer of gas quantities between two balancing groups both the disposing and the acquiring balancing group managers have to submit nominations.

All nominations for transfers of gas quantities are subject to a matching process. In the course of the matching process the hourly quantities are compared and, where necessary, revised according to the “lesser-of” rule. If the nominations made by two trading parties do not match, the smaller of the two nominated hourly quantities is deemed to have been agreed and will be confirmed by NetConnect Germany as the matched hourly quantity.

The DVGW descriptions for the transmission of nominations and nomination confirmation are provided here. Please note that these documents are solely available in German.  

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Trading at the VTP NCG

Detailled information about the admission process and trading options are provided here.