General information about the allocation and allocation clearing processes


Allocations are reported to NetConnect Germany by the relevant network operators in the form of ALOCAT messages. The market area manager records and balances the allocations received, and forwards them to the balancing group managers. For further details about the applicable deadlines and time limits, please refer to the best practice guideline on gas balancing group management published by the energy industry associations BDEW/VKU/GEODE (“ Leitfaden Marktprozesse Bilanzkreismanagement Gas). Clearing allocations, i.e. allocations revising previously submitted allocations, are accepted by NetConnect Germany until the date M+2M-10BD(-1CD) [delivery month + 2 months - 10 business days (- 1 calendar day)]. Please note that clearing allocations cannot be submitted before 13:01 hours on D-1CD (for non-daily metered exit points where daily gas flows are estimated based on standard load profiles, so-called “SLP” points) or before M+15BD (for other physical points). Before any clearing allocations can be received, the balancing group manager affected must request a clearing number and communicate that number to the relevant network operator. The clearing number must be quoted by the network operator when sending in the clearing allocations.To facilitate communications between network operators and balancing group managers, NetConnect Germany publishes the names of the individual company contacts. Balancing group managers who have successfully completed the admission procedure can find this information in the of the Market Partner Portal.

According to Cooperation Agreement network operators may finitiate a unilateral clearing process for RLM allocations if the relevant balancing group manager has submitted no clearing number for RLM allocation clearing purposes to the network operator. For more information on this topic, please click here.


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