How to access the market area NetConnect Germany


If you wish to transport gas, use the Virtual Trading Point or supply gas to end users within the market area NetConnect Germany, you need to have a valid balancing group contract  ( Bilanzkreisvertrag). In the market area NetConnect Germany, balancing group managers who have successfully completed the admission procedure can create and set up new balancing group contracts and balancing subgroups on the NetConnect Germany Market Partner Portal. In order to be admitted as a balancing group manager you need to have a so-called DVGW code or GLN code (in the role as a balancing group manager). If your company has not yet obtained a code, you can request a code on the website of the DVGW German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water.

Please note that the creation of new balancing group contracts or balancing subgroups requires an implementation time of 10 business days.


Trading at the VTP NCG

Detailed information about the admission process and trading options are provided here.