Tender invitation for the provision of balancing services in May 2020

NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co (NCG) is inviting bids for the provision of balancing services in order to meet its long-term balancing requirements in the multi-quality market area NCG, with bids being requested for the new bilateral Short-Call Balancing Services” product (SCB product).

The tender is carried out for the month May 2020.




1 May 2020, 06:00 hours
to 1 June 2020, 06:00 hours

Gas quality

Low CV gas (L)


SystemBUY and SystemSELL

Balancing zone

LO (low CV zone “East”)

Requirement [MWh/h]

(in each direction)

Number of lots
(1 lot = 10MW)



Please consider the following minimum delivery rate for the respective storage operator:

Storage operator



innogy Gas Storage NWE GmbH (IGS)

600 MW

500 MW

Uniper Energy Storage GmbH (UST)



If you wish to respond to the above tender invitation, please submit your bids between 24 March 2020, 12:00 hours and 07 April 2020, 12:00 hours.

Please submit your bids through our Bidding Platform.

NCG will accept bids by 08 April 2020, 12:00 hours by awarding individual contracts (“System Balancing Transaction Agreements”) for the above contract period.

The product description for the new SCB product and the updated version of our System Balancing Terms & Conditions are published here.


Michael Kutz
T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 944
Sina Ketschau

T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 991
Carolin Tuppat

T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 932
Julia Vos

T + 49 (0) 2102 59796 969

E balancing-gas@net-connect-germany.com