Access to the balancing mechanism


From third parties the gas quantities and services it requires to physically balance the gas networks in the market area NetConnect Germany (“external balancing”) in accordance with the German Gas Third-Party Access Regulations ( GasNZV) and the “GaBi Gas 2.0” ruling on the German balancing regime issued by the German federal regulator Bundesnetzagentur are procured. In addition to procuring balancing gas on the exchange and from adjacent market areas, a Bidding Platform is also used.

Market participants wishing to participate in the market for balancing gas and services must complete a prequalification procedure and enter into balancing product agreements.

For more information and the full set of requirements for access to the bilateral market for balancing gas and services, please see the documents available for download on this page.

The  documents on the Procurement of external balancing gas are available for download here.