Trade of gas-quality-specific products on the exchange in compliance with article 25 of the balancing group contract


Gas-quality-specific products are traded on the exchange to physically balance any imbalances in its market area that require gas of a specific gas quality.

Where we trade gas-quality-specific products on the exchange, it relies on its counterparty to cause a physical effect in the gas quality traded somewhere within the market area to ensure that it can safeguard the stability of the networks within the market area.

Please note that in the event of force majeure the parties' respective performance obligations will be suspended for so long as the force majeure event continues. This kind of event will typically involve unplanned outages. If such an event of force majeure applies, penalties will not be imposed and neither party will be required to perform its obligation to effect physical delivery. In all other cases, for example planned maintenance, interruption of interruptible capacity and outages that do not constitute a force majeure event, the trading participant's obligations will continue in full force and effect.

To illustrate the practical application of article 25 of the balancing group contract a number of basic example cases are provided.