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Good service begins with the very first contact. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you.

By general questions, questions about contracts, registration process, balancing gas, customer online portal, master data administration, change of a case group, virtual trading point, exchange cooperation please contact our Market Team. Our Balancing Group Management will answer your questions about plaucibility checks as well as invoicing/calculations (accounting grids, excess/shortfall quantities, structuring charges, reserve/balancing gas, VTP), invoicing, reseller proofs and supplier proofs.

By questions about data communication, EDI formats and adaptions, data transmission (declaration and allocation) and data corrections please contact our Data Management. For questions regarding the implementation of an edigas data communication with the VTP, VTP nominations or the VTP portal please contact our contact persons at the Virtual Trading point. For questions concerning receivables management, liability management, reminder, payment transactions and remittance advices please contact our Finance department.



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