The Management of NetConnect Germany

NetConnect Germany GmbH has two managing directors, Torsten Frank and Dr. Thomas Becker, who have been with the gas industry and especially the transmission business for many years and have broad and in-depth experience in this area. Intra-companial Torsten Frank is responsible for the areas of market development, law and regulations as well as IT, Dr. Becker is responsible for the areas of commercial department, data management and accounting.

Torsten Frank

Torsten Frank has been working in the gas industry since 2001. A trained lawyer, he first served in the legal division of E.ON Ruhrgas before joining the legal and regulatory department of the company's newly-founded transportation subsidiary Open Grid Europe GmbH. In the spring of 2005, he moved to the contracting department of Open Grid Europe GmbH, where his responsibilities included the marketing of transportation capacity, the virtual trading points and the management of balancing groups. Torsten Frank has been a director of NetConnect Germany since February 2009.

Dr. Thomas Becker

Dr. Thomas Becker, who holds a degree in business studies and a doctorate, has been working in the energy industry since 1996. Lastly he was working as authorised signatory at Thyssengas GmbH. He was responsible for the corporate development, joint ventures and risk management departments. Dr. Becker is a director of NetConnect Germany since January 1st, 2015.