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Development of the VTP NCG from 25/10/2016   Traded Volumes H-Gas: 5429 GWh Traded Volumes L-Gas: 761 GWh Traded Volumes Total: 6190 GWh Churn Rate H-Gas: 4.35 Churn Rate L-Gas: 2.14 Churn Rate Total: 3.86 VTP Players H-Gas: 316 VTP Players L-Gas: 171       


Hereafter we provide information for balancing group managers, network operators and balancing gas suppliers.

Balancing Group Manager

On the following pages we e.g. publish information on the requirements for access to the market area, on the Virtual Trading Point and on gas quality conversion.

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Network Operator

In this section of our website you can find information on the quantity reconciliation process, the so-called transparency list and other topics.

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Balancing Gas Supplier

Please enter this section if you would like to find out more about the principles we follow in our procurement, latest tenders and other related topics.

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Contact Operations Virtual Trading Point & Balancing Gas (24/7)
Exclusively questions concerning VTP nominations and the VTP portal
Phone + 49 (0) 2102 / 74006 - 11

For all other questions please address our contact persons


Market Partner Portal

Depending on your market role, the NetConnect Germany Market Partner Portal allows you to: create and manage balancing group contracts, view and update master data, view the balancing data we have recorded for your network balancing accounts or balancing groups, subscribe to our subscription services, and to manage declaration, allocation and clearing processes. To receive access to the Market Partner Portal, you will have to complete an admission procedure. Please go to the entry page of the Market Partner Portal to apply for admission.

Balancing Platform

On the Balancing Platform of NetConnect Germany prequalified bidders operating within the market area NetConnect Germany can participate in the bilateral market for balancing gas and services required within the market area.

Virtual Trading Point

At the NetConnect Germany Virtual Trading Point, balancing group managers can transfer gas quantities between balancing groups. Market participants who wish to trade on the Virtual Trading Point need to obtain a valid balancing group contract, which can be entered into on the NetConnect Germany Market Partner Portal following successful completion of the admission procedure.


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    Press Relase

    Churn rate at the NCG VTP climbs above 5 for the first time

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    Press Release

    NCG to increase transparency

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    Press Release

    NCG awards contract for the supply of extraterritorial networks

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    Balancing Gas

    Invitations to bid for balancing gas Dec 2016 - Mar 2017

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    Current Issues

    Results VTP market survey 2016

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    Press Release

    NCG publishes fees and charges

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    Press Release

    NCG publishes product description “Demand-Side-Management”

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    Balancing Gas

    Invitation to bid for balancing gas for Q4 2016

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    Introduction of balancing gas product

    Introduction of Demand-Side-Management product

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    Press Release

    Launch of VTP market consultation

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Deadline Calendar 2016/2017

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